That was the predicament the Labour Movement was in about half a century ago. Things had to change and what transpired over four days from 16 to 19 November 1969 completely altered the fate of Singapore and its economy, and changed workers’ lives forever.

Against the backdrop of a newly developing nation and a people who were finding their footing in a brave new world, the Trade Union Seminar on the “Modernization of the Labour Movement” exuded a spirit that was at once daring and bold.

Join in as we unravel the defining moments of various eras that have led us to where and what we are today as a nation and a people. The effects of the Modernization Seminar continue to reverberate even till today and the lesson learnt then to evolve with the times is once again becoming relevant as we face a new technological transformation in our current age.

Along the journey, discover the birth of NTUC social enterprises, tripartism, and what the future holds for workers.

Join us on our journey:


The 1969 Story

What was so significant about the year and why every Singapore worker should know about it?